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History of The Banner of Truth

The Banner of Truth Trust originated in 1957 in London. The founders believed that much of the best literature of historic Christianity had been allowed to fall into oblivion and that its recovery under God could well lead not only to a strengthening of the Church today but to true revival.

Banner of TruthThe origins of the work were closely connected with the prayer that God would be pleased to visit the land again in true awakening. It was believed that former literature – particularly of the Reformation and Puritan eras – had become buried for two reasons. Firstly that the emphasis of that literature was not congenial to much that passed for biblical Christianity in the present century. Secondly that religious publishing had become far too market oriented, that is to say, a primary question with publishers was that a title was saleable and to what degree it could be expected to be popular.

The Banner of Truth Trust by its very name, Trust, was organised so that, it was hoped, financial considerations would not determine the publications programme. It was aimed to publish what we believed honoured God and what people needed rather than what they might initially want.

In its development the Banner of Truth Trust has always been inter-denominational in the composition of its staff. While adhering to the authority of the Westminster Confession, it has sought to distinguish between major and fundamental truths and such truths (relating to church polity, etc) which may be regarded as secondary though not unimportant.

Since its inception the Banner of Truth has also sought to balance its publishing programme with the writings of a number of contemporary authors, among the best known William Hendriksen and D M Lloyd-Jones. It also seeks to balance its publishing programme by maintaining in its list different forms of literature – commentaries, biographies, missionary titles, sermons, etc.

The main office for the Banner of Truth work is now in Edinburgh, Scotland, with an important branch office and distribution point in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

The Banner of Truth magazine is published monthly, edited by the Rev Jonathan Watson, and this magazine, together with conferences held in various places, has been a means of linking a number of Christians and ministers together.

The Banner of Truth Trust is a non profit-making organisation, that is to say that all profits go back into the organisation itself. The Banner of Truth is grateful for support received and is sometimes remembered in the wills of Christians.

Among the activities of the Banner of Truth is the running of a book fund designed to help ministers and missionaries around the world who can read English literature and benefit from it. This fund has been much blessed and has led to many thousands of books being distributed in areas of particular need where they have been greatly valued. One of the most recent examples of this has been in Romania.

The foreign languages in which the Banner of Truth currently publishes are Spanish and Chinese. A catalog is published periodically and full check list of Banner of Truth titles is always available. These may be obtained by request from their offices.

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