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The Most Popular Puritan Paperbacks

The Banner of Truth’s Puritan Paperback series brings to life some of the most challenging spiritual works that you will ever read, by men who breathed Christlikeness in ways that each one of us should be powerfully drawn to.

NEW! Reformed Systematic Theology

Volume 1: Revelation and God

Beeke, Joel; Smalley, Paul M.

The aim of systematic theology is to engage not only the head, but also the heart and hands. Only recently has the church compartmentalized these aspects of life–separating the academic discipline of theology from the spiritual disciplines of faith and obedience. This new multi-volume work brings together rigorous historical and theological scholarship with spiritual disciplines and practicality–characterized by a simple, accessible, comprehensive, Reformed, and experiential approach. In this volume, Joel R. Beeke and Paul M. Smalley explore the first 2 central themes of theology: revelation and God.

Pocket Puritans

A wonderful way to expose people to the writings of the Puritans is through Banner of Truth’s wonderful little series called The Pocket Puritans.

These booklets are excerpts of some of the most popular Puritan works, many of which can be found in the Puritan Paperback series.  And all of the Pocket Puritans are less than $5! This wonderful series covers such topics as: The Shorter Catechism, Suffering, Unity, Speech, Drinking, Repentance, Anger, Heaven, Faith, Lust, The Heart and the Prayers of the Psalms.