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A Guide to the Puritans

“Where can I find really helpful material on God’s providence?”
“Did John Owen, or Thomas Goodwin ever write about church discipline?”
“What did the Puritans say about marriage and family life?”
“Are there any modern writers who continue the great Puritan tradition of teaching Christian doctrine in a pastoral and practical way?”

How often have you asked, or been asked, questions like that, but not known where to find answers? Now the long-felt need for a well-planned survey of the works of the Puritans and their successors has been met. Dr. Robert P. Martin has created a practical tool which will serve as a manual to Puritan literature recently reprinted. This is a unique guide to themes and texts handled in the Puritan tradition. Ministers, students and Christians generally will find it an invaluable help to reading and study.

534 Pages
Published 1997

About the Author

Dr. Robert P. Martin is pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Seattle, Washington. He is the author of Accuracy of Translation.