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A Primer on Worship and Reformation: Recovering the High Church Puritan by Douglas Wilson

It is no secret that our world desperately needs change. Politicians know this and use it to collect votes. Journalists exploit it to sell newspapers and magazines. Advertisers, to sell everything else. Each of these groups (and countless others) spend their lives working to convince others that they hold the key to a better country, a better life, a better future.

But what exactly is this change we all long for? And how can it ever come about?

A Primer on Worship and Reformation proposes that true change begins, not with a process or an idea, but through faithful worship. To witness true global change–true reformation–we must first pray the Lord that we would see worship at the center of life. The truth is that when the Word is faithfully preached, even the gates of hell tremble. When the Psalms are sung, the meek inherit the earth. When the church celebrates at the Lord’s Table, those who mourn are comforted.

If we learn these lessons and believe them to be true, we will find that through renewed worship God brings change to every facet of our lives.

72 Pages
Published November 2008

About the Author

Douglas Wilson is pastor of Christ Church (Moscow, ID) and editor of Credenda/Agenda magazine. A popular speaker and Christian apologist, he is the author of several other books, including Letter from a Christian Citizen, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, and Heaven Misplaced: Christ’s Kingdom on Earth.