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Golden Treasury of Puritan Devotion: Selections from the Writings of 13 Puritans

Readers who crave the wisdom and piety of Puritan literature but don’t have time to wade through whole volumes will welcome this treasury of select passages from thirteen Puritan authors.

A Golden Treasure of Puritan Devotion compiled Mariano DiGano is a sampler of writings of thirteen writers of a certain period known for Puritan nonconformity to the writings of the Anglican church. Robert Leighton remained in the Episcopal communion, so he cannot be considered a Puritan because he conformed to the teachings of the Anglican church. Leighton’s work and the other twelve writings in this work trust the Bible as God’s word. Devotion as defined as short readings learning about God and His ways, to investigate who God is, and one’s relationship with God. Do not be confused these are not inspirational writings, vignettes’ of short stories or pearls of wisdom that one may have come accustomed to in their daily devotional readings, but examples of doctrine edited to fit short reading time. The book is edited for ease of reading. I found John Owen’s discourse on the Holy Spirit and James’ Jeneway’s work on getting acquainted with Jesus Man’s best friend by far the best of the thirteen writings.