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Puritan Hope: Revival and the Interpretation of Prophecy by Iain Murray

In this landmark book, first published in 1971, Iain Murray, traces the “Puritan Hope” of a glorious and worldwide revival before the second coming of Christ, from the Reformation onwards.

He shows how this hope, or strong conviction of coming revival, was embraced firstly by the giants of Puritanism, then by men like David Brainerd, Jonathan Edwards, and George Whitefield.

This optimistic view of soon-coming blessing was the driving force behind William Carey, and others who followed him, during the beginnings of the modern missionary movements. With scholarly exegesis of Scripture and much historical and biographical material Murray clearly explains and illustrates the Puritan Hope. Finally, he traces the eclipse of this Scriptural emphasis and the corresponding decline in missionary activity.

This is an excellent book which deserves to be read by all evangelical Christians who are seeking a Biblical basis and historical forerunners of the great end-time Revival.

We have included 4 of the 11 chapters.