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Banner of Truth’s Puritan Paperback series brings to life some of the most challenging spiritual works that you will ever read, by men who breathed Christlikeness in ways that each one of us should be powerfully drawn to.
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Puritan Paperback Series

Puritan Paperback Seires
These wonderful Puritan Paperback Series should be in every Christian's library. They represent some of the most learned, godly and practical of preachers and theologians of the Reformation Period. They are simply gold. Read them and pass them along! If you're looking for Banner of Truth Books, be sure to check out the Puritan Paperback series. Whether you're new to Reformed theology or just learning about the Puritans, these books represent some of the very best works of the Puritans - in an easy-to-read format and size.
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Puritan Paperback Quotes

The Effects of Words and Actions

Words and actions are transient things, and being once past, are nothing; but the effect of them on an immortal soul may be endless. ~ Dying … [Read Quote...]

Judas Called Christ Lord, Lord

Judas called Christ Lord, Lord; and yet betrayed him, and has gone to his place. Ah! how many Judases have we in these days, that kiss … [Read Quote...]

The Doing Man is the Happiest Man

Know that it is not the knowing, nor the talking, nor the reading man—but the doing man, that at last will be found the happiest man. "If … [Read Quote...]

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